Appmediation App Registration Process - Video

Appmediation App Registration Process - Video

Please refer to this video for appmediation simple 3-step app registration process 

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    • Appmediation App Registration Process - Screenshots

      Please refer to below steps for appmediation simple 3-step app registration process  App Registration Platform Selection Choose Platform -> Provide Url or Store ID -> Toggle Filter Mature Content or COPPA  Ad Format Selection Choose Format from list ...
    • Rewarded Video S2S Callback

      We have released new feature support: Server side S2S reward callbacks to securely pass reward data from server side.  Server-to-server callbacks are sent to your server when a user has watched an ad. You can use these callbacks to reward players ...
    • Appmediation Reporting Metrics Overview

      In Dashboard various Dimensions, Metrics, Filters are available to measure App performance and take any optimisation action if needed. Refer to below section for understanding it better.  Dimensions Day/Week/Month - Choose one of the time dimension. ...
    • How to connect the Facebook Audience Network (FAN) with Appmediation?

      We have released the latest Android SDK Version (>=1.8.0) and iOS SDK Version (>=1.9.0) to support the Facebook Audience Network (FAN) integration. Follow these steps to enable the FAN on the Appmediation platform: Initial requirements Personal ...
    • What is Appmediation?

      Appmediation is an app monetization solution that help app developers to maximize their ad revenues via a machine learning platform that combines multiple premium ad networks into just one SDK.