Automatic Payments

            What is automatic payments?

            Automatic payments is a new feature that will help publishers to receive a payment without a manual request. This feature will be live from the 4th March 2019 and from this date onwards, publishers don’t need to manually request a payment. All payments will be requested automatically if the invoiced amount is greater than $100 and the payment details are filled in under the profile settings. 

            How to find the new payment section?

            We've moved the payment section under the profile settings (View Account -> Payment), so please ensure your payment details are filled for automatic payments. The new payment section already includes existing publishers' payment details, so no additional update is needed. However, if you wish to change your preferred payment method, then please do it before the 1st every month. 

            Are there any changes in the existing payment cycle?


            Updated: 04 Mar 2019 09:55 AM
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